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Skylight Repair and Installation Service

– London, Essex & Surrounding Areas

Uk glaziers are specialist in skylight repair, replacements and installations in London, Essex and surrounding areas.

If you are looking to have a new skylight installed or alternatively a replacement of an existing skylight call Uk Glaziers.

Unlike many other companies, Uk Glaziers will come to your property to measure up and asses the space you would like your new skylight fitted. One of our glaziers will talk through any bespoke requirements you might have and see how we can help.

After our glaziers have taken measurements and have gone through any additional requirements you might have they will then send these requirements and dimensions to our local glass manufacturing partners in order to produce a bespoke and custom skylight for you and your property at a cost-effective price without compromising quality.

With years of experience our Uk Glaziers our experts in what they do. Uk Glaziers offer an unparcelled level of service across Greater London, Essex and surrounding areas priding themselves in keeping up to date with the latest industry techniques and technology advancements ensuring they provide an unbeatable service every time.

All of Uk Glaziers expert glaziers travel in fully fitted large custom fit vans with all the necessary tools and equipment for most minor Skylight repairs. If you our glaziers our unable to fix the issues on the day it is likely that they will need to either order in specialists parts. Our glaziers will order any specialists parts that are required the same day they visit your property minimising the time taken waiting for parts. Once the parts arrive with our specialist returning as soon as the order parts arrive. Our glaziers will always keep you up to date with times and delivery so that you know


What types of Skylights do you offer?
There are a large number of different types of skylights for almost any property. If you have a particular type of skylight you would like we can always accommodate. Alternatively if you are unaware of the name of the type you would like but have a picture we can help identify the type of skylight and source you a close alternative if not the exact products.

Here are just some of the different types of skylights available:

Vented Skylights – These skylights are often described as rood windows and can be open allowing for air to enter the property allowing for ventilation. Most commonly used in kitchens, bathrooms and attic rooms

Fixed Skylights – What most people picture when thinking of skylights. Very common in hallways and tops of stairwells.They allow for a large amount of natural light to the enter the property

Tubular – Great again for hallways and high ceiling enclosed spaces. Much smaller in size then generic fixed skylights.

How much is it likely to cost?
This is very dependant on what type of skylight you require along with a number of other factors such as sizing as well as roof material and any other additional specifications such as bespoke coloured glass.

To get an accurate quote call today and speak to one of our local skylight specialists who will be more Thant happy to help.

How long is it likely to take?
After you speak to one of our expert glaziers they will book in time convenient to you to come out to your property to asses your requirements and will be able to come out and see you and your property and to let you know just how long it will likely take in order to be able to measure and install a new skylight or repair an existing one.



I had a skylight installation last summer and wow, it makes our kitchen so much more airy and spacious. – Sam – London

After doing a loft conversion we deiced to use UK Glaziers to fit our skylights after ringing a number of other companies we felt Darren was the most knowledgeable and was the very few who went the extra mile to come out to our property and walk us through the process and give us an extremely competitive quite. – Mark – London

Very professional and very fast turnaround at a reasonable cost. Would defiantly use again. – Chris – London

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