Emergency Window & Door Boarding Up Service

Covering London, Essex & Surrounding Areas
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Emergency Boarding Up Service London, Essex & Surrounding Areas

Uk Glaziers offer a fast, reliable emergency boarding up service across of London, Essex and surrounding areas 24/7, 365 days per year.

We here are UK Glaziers understand the urgency in securing your property in a fast and effective way in as little time as possible to minimise the time your property remains vulnerable to additional break-ins and to deter further opportunists.

Our specialists will never harm a window that is in a repairable condition meaning we will not drill directly into any frames to secure boards when braces can be applied and that window or door can be repaired with no need to replace.

In a case where the door/ window is unrepeatable or that the door/window is unsuitable for a brace then we will do our best to minimise any damage to your door or window frame by using the appropriate screw type for your frames material.

Here at UK Glaziers we also offer both a repair and replacement service in addition to boarding up. So whether you’ve had a late night break in and unable to have your window or door replaced that night we are able to offer a boarding up service and if required can take measurements to have new glass/ door manufactured over night for our glaziers to return the following day to fit.

This can be the solution for a large number of different property owners allowing for the property to be secured while a more permeant solution is put into place.

Uk Glaziers has vast experience working with both individuals, insurance companies, third-party contractors as well as landlords to provide a top class boarding up services across London and Essex.

All of Uk Glaziers staff are fully vetted and CRB checked as standard. This ensures extra peace of mind for you that our Glaziers are both trustworthy and reliable.

Call today and speak to one of our local glazing experts who will be able to give you an accurate time estimate of how fast one of our specialists can get out to you and ruff price estimate dependent on your situation.



How long does it take to secure my property?
Our glaziers will try their hardest to secure your property as fast as possible in an effective manner. The time it takes can heavily depend on the number of door / windows that need to be secured and what floor they are on and if they have easy access to.

It can take as little as 15 – 20 minutes per window to get a more accurate time estimate for your particular needs – please call us now and speak to one of our experts who will be more than happy to help.

What locations do you cover?
We cover the entirety of London, Essex and surrounding area.

What are your typical response times?
We aim to get to all jobs within the hour, whether that be at 2 AM or 4 PM Monday to Sunday 24/7.

(We do however quite often beat this time depending on availability/ distance from our nearest glaziers – Call us now to get an accurate estimate of just how long one of our glaziers will take to get to you and your property)



Darren was very fast to respond to us at 3am on a Sunday night which was refreshing to see with many of the other ’24/7 companies” we phoned not picking up or were trying to charge extortionate prices – not Darren though who picked up within seconds knew what he was talking about and was able to get to us in 30 minutes which was fab even beating the police! – Tim – Waterloo, London

Great service very friendly and professional workman who did a splendid job securing one of our properties in Mudchute on a very fast turnaround. – Mark – Isle Of Dogs, London

Uk glaziers were a life saver when we were on holiday and had been told by our neighbour that our house had been broken into. They were extremely fast to respond land were at our property within the hour and were able o reassure our neighbours that everything was in hand.

Even after we returned from holiday they were superb at helping us fit new windows in replace of the ones that be broken and all at a reasonable price. – Kim – Clapham, London

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